As the idea for Sacred Earth Alchemy was born, I knew this was part of my purpose on Earth, to reconnect with the elemental aspects and to recognize them as living light. As I began working more with the mineral kingdom, new information and new purpose was felt and known.

Every stone is carefully chosen through a process of nonverbal communication, to make sure the stones we collect are meant to move through our hands to yours.

After the collecting process, we cleanse each stone in a water bath usually with an essential oil that compliments the stones specific vibration. Each stone is cleared and activated to find the person that will benefit most from its teachings.

Meet Lance


Lance Campbell is a Steward of the mineral kingdom, a Pranic Healer, and Spiritual Guide. Sacred Earth Alchemy is an extension of his JOURNEY to know thyself. He LOVES to share his PASSION for the Earth's elemental REALMS of minerals and medicinal plants, and searches for inner knowledge through astrology, numerology, meditation, and dance.

SACRED EARTH ALCHEMY was born in 2013, from a combination of the need for SELF-HEALING and sovereignty over his life and wellbeing. He was feeling sad, LOST and experiencing an identity crisis due to the LOSS of his girlfriend who had just passed from cancer. He needed to support himself financially but also represent something that he was PASSIONATE about. He was fortunate to be GUIDED by some amazing women in his life at this time and attended his first CRYSTAL show as a vendor in 2013. He begin his HEALING by sharing the Earth’s geological MIRACLES which has been his personal LOVE ever since.

His love for the NATURAL world blossomed as he began integrating alternative HEALING methods, including meditation, essential oils, CRYSTALS, and energy work into his personal practice. This eventually brought him to a form of energy work called PRANIC HEALING. Prana means LIFE FORCE. This modality resonated with him and he signed up for his first class after EXPERIENCING its healing effects firsthand on SEVERAL occasions. For more information on Pranic Healing click here.

Three years later, Lance found love again with a beautiful, amazing, woman whose spiritual growth and beliefs in the natural world of eating healthy, meditation, and yoga match his own. They are expecting their first child in April and Lance is ecstatic!

THANK YOU for being here and for joining Lance on your collective journey of HEALING and restoration of the Divine Feminine on our BEAUTIFUL planet. ALCHEMY is the art of transmutation; TRANSFORMING heavy, dense energy such as Lead, through chemical reaction into another substance, usually GOLD. At this point in time, we must be our own Alchemist, recognizing we are RESPONSIBLE for our own lives and HAPPINESS is a first step to SELF-SOVEREIGNTY.

Come delve into the elemental world with Lance and DISCOVER the Alchemist WITHIN YOU.