About Us

Every stone is carefully chosen through a process of nonverbal communication, to make sure the stones we collect are meant to move through our hands to yours.

After the collecting process, we cleanse each stone in a salt water bath.  Each stone is cleared with Pranic Healing and activated to find the person that will benefit most.

Meet Our Crystal Family


We are Lance & Mariana, and we were blessed a beautiful daughter named Aurora in 2019. We are honored to bring high quality, specially selected crystals to our customers.


Lance has been dubbed the “Crystal Wizard” because of his INTUITIVE relationship with crystals, as well as his avid KNOWLEDGE and LOVE for the crystals he selects for this site. It is highly important to him to  know where they come from, how they grew, as well as their metaphysical properties.  


In 2013, Lance was experiencing an identity crisis due to the LOSS of his girlfriend who had just passed away from cancer. During this time, he had been introduced to crystals for HEALING and soon realized the crystal business represented something that he was PASSIONATE about. Working with crystals was his “CALLING” and exactly what he needed to help him heal and grow.


In 2016, Lance found LOVE again with a beautiful, compassionate, and spiritual woman named Mariana whose spiritual beliefs in the holistic world of eating healthy, MEDITATION, and yoga matched his own.


Mariana had been introduced to CRYSTALS when she was living in San Francisco while she was attending a culinary arts and HOLISTIC nutrition program. She would check out crystal shops in the city and would pick the stones out that she was GUIDED to that day. She was fascinated and wanted to learn more about them including the names, properties, and how these crystals were formed.  CRYSTALS seemed to be appearing in her life more and more and then she met Lance. 


When Mariana MET Lance she was attracted to how much knowledge and UNDERSTANDING he had for CRYSTALS. Four years ago, she began ASSISTING Lance at Crystals Fairs, very excited to learn the business. Most recently, Mariana took over as the SOCIAL media aspect of SACRED Earth Alchemy and content writer.


Today, they OFFER a variety of HIGH-QUALITY crystals from PERSONALLY selected vendors for their customers.  They share the same interest in CRYSTALS, meditation, yoga, and a plant-based lifestyle. They are both Pranic HEALERS which is a large part of their SPIRITUAL practice.  Their future GOAL is to create a home that is SELF-SUSTAINABLE where they can hold retreats. 



Come delve into the elemental world with our family and DISCOVER the Alchemist WITHIN YOU.